Charlie Tango

Gaming solutions for your business challenges!

Gamification services.

At Charlie Tango, the game is at the service of your business challenges. Since 2016, the company has been evolving in the entertainment industry by turning everything they touche into fun and memorable experiences. Charlie Tango uses game mechanics to engage participants by offering them unique experiences tailored to its customers' needs. Their strength is to turn ordinary moments into fun activities. Marketing activations, fun guided walks, enhancement of places, gamification of content are good examples. In addition to the custom creation offer, Charlie Tango develops and operates its own concepts, including corporate GPS races and waiting lines games for tourist attractions.

Number of employees: 6

Charlie Tango

4579 Boul. Métropolitain, Montréal, QC H1R 1Z4
+ 1 438-792-8948

Business Development Manager

Jean-Philippe La Couture

Business Development Director

Head of communications

Ève Gaudette