4D Art

Digital and multidisciplinary art company

Internationally recognized for its mesmerizing fusion and mastery of multidisciplinary arts, 4D Art creates unique world class productions combining live and digital (VR/AR/MR/XR or immersive) arts, performance and film.

4D Art is always interested in learning about new ideas and adding its creative talent, experience and value to client and partner projects. Currently, 4D Art is looking for financing and distribution partners for Sisyphus, a feature-length art film of Victor Pilon's 182-hour live performance based on the mythological hero and Albert Camus' philosophical essay. For an in-depth preview, visit https://sisyphus.4dart.com/film

4D Art is also looking for co-producers and/or partners for AREA and 4D ART SPACE, two multi-platform (Mobile/VR/Metaverse/Immersive) interactive experiences by Michel Lemieux.

Number of employees: 5

4D Art

4123 rue Drolet, Montréal, QC H2W 2L5
+1 514-284-5005


Business Development Manager

Marian Tremblay

Executive Director and Producer

Head of communications

Jean-Frédéric Bergeron Poudrier