Fusing creativity and technology, we collaborate closely with artists and producers to deliver immersive experiences that inspire a sense of wonder.

We’re a full-service creative studio. We transform urban spaces into full-on immersive experiences. With multisensory and interactive installations, 360-projection and architectural mapping, we spark wonder into people’s everyday lives, and bring them a little closer together. We know what grabs audiences (and what doesn’t). By crafting broadcast and live events that deliver an emotional impact, we set the stage for artists and brands to connect deeply with fans. Were imagine what’s possible, telling stories on stage in new and different ways. We harness the latest technology (and mix in old tricks) to ignite a collective euphoria in audiences that lingers long after the curtain closes.

Number of employees: 22


5333, av Casgrain, #206, Montréal, QC, H2T 1X3
(514) 279-6405

Business Development Manager

Sebastien Grenier-Cartier


Head of communications

Michelle Pelletier