Rodeo FX


We vision and engineer imagery, stories, and experiences that have the power to resonate with all of us.

Born to elevate every story that comes our way. To push the limits of our collective imagination, one project at a time. We are a multilateral creative company, here to bring your most innovative projects to life. With great attention to detail and an almost stubborn determination to get things right, we craft creative products of the highest calibre. We are inspired by your vision and driven by an undeniable love for what we do. We are creative to the bone: storytelling is in our blood, and collaboration is in our DNA.

Number of employees: 600

Rodeo FX

99 rue Prince, Montréal, QC H3C 2M7
+1 514-397-9999

Business Development Manager

Marie-Piere Poulin

Productrice Exécutive Advertising & Expériences.

Head of communications

Sabrina Gagnon