ECSITE – Québec delegation 2024


From June 5th to June 8th, 2024,
Ljubljana, Slovenia.

With the support of the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec (MCC), l’Effet Québec (a project by Xn Québec) is setting up a delegation of producers and cultural venues to promote and export Québec talent to Europe.

In addition to the conferences scheduled during the event, networking meetings organized by the various Québec delegations and offices in Europe will be held to generate links with international professionals.

About ECSITE 2024

Ecsite is 320 member organizations, a commitment to 5 global challenges (including inclusion and equity, the climate crisis and biodiversity, and technological tools for the 21st century), 3 days of conferences and one day of workshops, over 1,000 scientific professionals including decision makers, more than 450 different institutions, over 47 countries represented, over 100 collaborative sessions, 65 booths, a wide range of social events and fostering a true community spirit!

Selection of studios and cultural venues participating in the mission


Caroline Julien – CEO and Founder
Michel Groulx – Producer

Featured projects:
Have you ever come face-to-face with a whale? It’s now possible thanks to MEGACETA, an immersive and interactive experience that allows visitors to play with the giants of the sea… without a virtual reality headset! Life-size projections of marine mammals offer a spectacular visual production that marries photorealistic 3D models with organic animation that has been thoroughly validated by a scientific committee. As well as offering an active and universal learning experience reaching the public without the need for words, this product is an ethical solution to the issues related to the captivity of marine mammals.

CREO participated in a prestigious international project aimed at creating a new planetarium and science centre in the Rhône-Alpes region, alongside the architecture firms Cardin Julien and Arcane Architectes. With the collaboration of Groupe DES, CREO has been the project manager for the new permanent exhibition, whose two themes are Earth and Space.

CREO is taking part in this conference (we look forward to seeing you there!):
Creating a new science centre: Become the hero of the experience
Date: June 6, 2024
Time: 12:00 PM


Carolina Iregui – Project Manager

Featured projects:
OPAL is an interactive installation showcasing the profound influence of ecosystem connections. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing levitating artifact, crafted from an assortment of extraordinary materials and vibrant colors, seamlessly merging the realms of minerals, plants, and technology.

Gravity Orchestra
An interactive sound installation for SXSW 2022.
A playful metaphor for what we do as a company, Gravity Orchestra is an interactive sound installation designed to evoke your inner virtuoso. No musical experience is required to perform, while the well-experienced musician or composer finds new musical challenges and opportunities with the instruments. The instruments resonate during collisions between objects, sent directly from UNREAL.
Using simple wooden blocks to compose and conduct free-falling pinballs from above, the user can explore an infinite number of arrangements and styles, depending on their intuition.

GSM Project

Erika Kiessner – Creative Director
Fabien Laserre – Project Director

Featured projects:
Museum of Ingenuity J. Armand Bombardier
First open to the public in 1971, the J. Armand Bombardier Museum at the corporate headquarters in Valcourt, Québec, had been long overdue for a complete overhaul. In 2014, GSM Project began working with the Museum’s team to develop a greatly expanded and improved permanent exhibit, updating the original snowmobile content and adding Bombardier’s other branches, including recreational vehicles, public transportation, and aerospace engineering. This new content and collection, as well as biographical materials related to Joseph-Armand Bombardier himself, was tied together through the theme of ingenuity.

Alaska Gallery
The re-envisioned exhibition presents a contemporary approach to the telling of Alaska’s history through multiple voices and perspectives. Museum-goers are invited to consider for themselves what Alaska really is: what is real, what is myth, and what lives in the space in between. On view are more than 400 artifacts from the Anchorage Museum’s collections, each telling a story of the lived experiences of Alaskans. The exhibition is also rich in multimedia content, featuring some 30 video productions that bring a human touch to the experience, and visitors also encounter plenty of opportunities to interact and engage.

Erika will be taking part in both conferences!
Moving the needle: Helping visitors develop skills to address today’s challenges
Date: June 8, 2024
Time: 9:00 AM
House of Commons : The debate is on, take a stand!
Date: June 8, 2024
Time: 4:30 PM

Musée de la civilisation

Catherine Benoit – Touring Exhibitions Outreach Officer

Featured project:
Brown Gold
Dare to dive into a bold exhibition about human excrement! Taking an immersive, fun and engaging approach to an important issue with global implications, Brown Gold takes visitors on a journey into the environmental and social issues surrounding poop. As visitors make their way through the exhibition, exploring the intellectual and nuanced scientific discourse, they can expect a dramatic change in the way they perceive what is proving to be the world’s most underestimated and inexhaustible resource. The exhibition features 200 collection objects, artworks, an installation reconstituting various toilets from around the world, and the CACArcade, an artistic-entertainment and interactive experience focusing on the health issues surrounding the management of fecal matter in video games.

Don’t miss Catherine!
Part 2 – What’s new in travelling exhibitions?
Date: June 7, 2024
Time: 2:30 PM

OASIS Immersive Studios

Nicolas Lassonde – Co-founder and VP Business Development

Featured project:
Root for Nature
A powerful, modern perspective on biodiversity. The program includes a sensory experience in the heart of nature, presented as never before, in a production designed to motivate visitors to take positive action in the face of major biodiversity issues. Root for Nature is intended to be a moment suspended in time, offering a moving spectacle that reminds us of the importance of preserving the magic of our beloved planet and reinforcing the will to meet COP15 commitments aimed at protecting 30% of all ecosystems by 2030. The Root for Nature immersive experience brings together several organizations committed to conservation and sustainable development, including the United Nations, the David Suzuki Foundation, the Workshops for biodiversity , the Age of Union Environmental Alliance, the Palais des congrès de Montréal, Tourisme Montréal, WSP and National Geographic. The Experience is produced and traveled by OASIS Immersive Studios in collaboration with National Geographic.


Julie Tremblay – Executive Producer

Featured project:
Space Explorers: THE INFINITE
Space Explorers: THE INFINITE is a 60-minute immersive experience designed as a touring exhibition. The central theme of the experience is space exploration. Featuring new and exclusive content from the most ambitious new media project ever conducted in space, “Space Explorers: the ISS Experience” (Emmy® Winner) by Felix & Paul Studios, in association with TIME Studios, and in partnership with NASA and the International Space Station (ISS) National Laboratory. This project consists of more than 200 hours of 3D-360° immersive content filmed onboard the ISS and more than 16 hours of testimonials by astronauts. The recordings form the basis for the immersive story and narrative of THE INFINITE. As of today, Space Explorers: THE INFINITE is the biggest immersive experience on space exploration.

Supply + Demand

Madeleine Bernatchez – Artistic Director – Prop and Set Designer
Rémi Lapointe – Director of Technology and Innovation

Featured projects:
Le Modular Exhibit System (MES)
It’s not just another piece of equipment; it’s a true game-changer for the museum industry. Imagine exhibitions that seamlessly transform, engaging visitors in interactive journeys through history, science, and culture.
With the MES, flexibility is paramount. Its adaptable nature empowers museums and science centers to create unforgettable experiences tailored to their unique narratives and educational goals. From the projection surfaces to the interactive devices, the MES offers a space for creation, communication, and human connection where only imagination sets the limits.

Original content available for distribution
At Supply + Demand, we’re proud to present four original content experiences available for distribution.

TKNL Experiences

Nathalie Gélinas – Producer
Nichola Lapierre – Producer

Featured project:
Explore – Montreal Science Centre
Explore is a grand celebration of science! This vast, fun exhibition helps make a variety of scientific concepts more accessible to young visitors through more than 50 interactive digital, mechanical and electromechanical experiences! Playful and intuitive, it reveals the principles underpinning seven great themes of the scientific world: movement, air, light, water, geometry, matter, and of course code, the mysterious language behind all connected objects! In colorful spaces filled with surprises, visitors explore and experiment, sometimes on a tiny scale, sometimes using their entire bodies.