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The L’Effet Québec web site is operated by Xn Québec (whose own site is at The conditions listed below are the same as for the Xn Québec site > L’association des producteurs d’expériences numériques (digital experience producers’ association).

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The L’Effet Québec web site and its content are the property of Xn Québec. 

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  1. We collect your personal information using two separate forms:
  • a form designed for participating companies (those that are part of the export expertise cluster and looking to export internationally); only the items requested in the registration form are visible and accessible to all;
  • a contact form to collect the following data: last name, first name, e-mail address, company name, country, question(s). These data are never disclosed to third parties or used for sales purposes. Their use is exclusive to Xn Québec and its partners. Accordingly, we undertake to protect the confidentiality of your personal information.
  1. Cookies: we collect information regarding your visit to our web site (date, time, length of visit, and pages viewed) in order to optimize your visit. We cannot, however, collect personal information about you, which means that we cannot identify you. If you deactivate cookies, your navigation experience on our site may be affected.


Companies in the export expertise cluster can withdraw from the L’Effet Québec web site at any time. To find out more about your membership, please view our FAQ.


If you would like to access or change your personal information or if you have questions or comments regarding our data-protection and privacy policy, please get in touch with Xn Québec at