Québec Immersive Film Showcase at Stars for All US Planetarium Conference 2023 (version FR à venir)

US Planetarium Conference

June 20-24, 2023
Kingsport, Tennessee (USA).

During the Stars for All US Planetarium Conference, l’Effet Québec – The Export expertise cluster, in collaboration with the Québec Government Office in New York, will present ten (10) 360° immersive films produced for the domes and ready for distribution.


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Once upon a time… children telling tales from their own imagination in their own words. Brought to life in glorious animation, these stories brimming with charm, humour, and adventure blend reality and fantasy and plunge us into the unbridled imaginings of children.

Director: Francis Gélinas
Duration: 22 minutes, 30 sec.
Company: Maki Media
Distributor: Hubblo

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Award-winning movie One Sky is a collection of beautiful short films about constellations, astronomical instruments and scientific knowledge from various cultures around the world. Each chapter is presented in an original and engaging way with its own artistic style featuring the work of international artists.

Directors: Sébastien Gauthier & al.
Duration: 43 minutes, 36 sec.
Company: Sébastien Gauthier 360 Productions
Distributor: NOIRLab

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Like a travel diary, Lands of the Americas journeys through the works of René Derouin and the lands he has explored. Experienced in an immersive dome or through virtual reality glasses, this 360° film revolves around the artist’s quest for identity, which spanned his 60-year career.

Director: Patrick Bossé
Duration: 45 minutes
Company: fig55
Distributor: Hubblo

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Combining 2D, 3D and frame-by-frame animation, this multimedia show transports children from birth to 18 months and their parents into a marvelous universe of shapes, colors and textures, designed to capture their attention.

Director: Noisy Head
Duration: 33 minutes
Company: GSI Musique
Distributor: Hubblo

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Untouched is an artistic look at life during the pandemic. Bonds between people crumble as society drifts. There’s a powerful urge to touch and be touched. Everything seems so out of reach. Untouched is an experimental film by director Michel Lemieux. It is a short and immersive film imagined by the artist while living in isolation due to the pandemic in 2020.

Director: Michel Lemieux
Duration: 4 minutes, 50 sec.
Company: 4DArt
Distributor: 4DArt

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This film is an immersive experience in the Arctic Circle inspired by the adventure of the musician Molécule. The viewer will experience the musical creation of the artist in an extreme environment and explore the Arctic, a hostile world made of mystical sounds and vibrations.

Directors: Molécule, Dirty Monitor
Duration: 37 minutes
Companies : fig55, Poolpio, Zorba production
US distributor: Hubblo
European distributor: Diversion cinema

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Introduction to Econometrics is an animated film that explores how various aspects of economic modelling can be creatively visualized. Taking an off-kilter approach to the subject, it frees curves from the bounds of theory and allows them to roam in a living and complex data universe, where graphical grid-like surfaces evolve to create new spaces, vast walls, and ceilings like a canopy of stars.

Director: Lydia Yakonowsky
Duration: 3 minutes, 45 sec.
Company: Lydia Yakonowsky
Distributor: SAS DIVRSION

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Worlds of Ice is a 360˚ contemporary full-dome film that envelops the spectator within worlds of ice that oscillate between the deeply familiar, the unconventional and the transformative. 34 minutes in length, Worlds of Ice is an immersive unravelling that reveals the many universes of ice.

Directors: Philippe Baylaucq
Duration: 34 minutes
Company : NFB (National Film Board of Canada)
Distributor: Hubblo

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This show offers emotional and striking images, with technical and inventive processes, through an immersive experience that catches the visitor and transports him among the beauties of space. We make our way through the galaxy, discovering nebulae across immense space!

Directors: Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon
Duration: 25 minutes
Music: Philip Glass
Producer: Montreal Space for Life’s Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium
Company: 4DArt
Distributor: NFB (National Film Board of Canada)

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▶ Trailer (not yet available)

The Quiet River of Dust: A Dome Show is a 360 film in 2 Volumes, accompanied by the namesake solo albums by Richard Reed Parry, the polymath multi-instrumentalist at the heart of Arcade Fire. Set in a sonically and visually immersive dome environment enveloping audiences in larger than life experiences of nature, it features a collection of songs uniting elements of Richard’s previous work with the folk music aesthetics of his childhood, and elements perhaps overlooked in his career so far – exploring gentle, quiet and hypnotic corners of the world of sound.

Conception: Richard Reed Parry & Ryhna Thompson
Directors: Richard Reed Parry & JF Lalonde
Duration: 36 minutes
Producers: Ryhna Thompson, Envision Management and Production